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It's been about 12,000 years since the last glacial retreat, but it's been only in about the last 2% of that -- about 240 years -- that folks have figured how to get along with each other.  And the wisdom of that 2% tells us that getting on with each other is not about being one big happy family.  It's about sorting out how to agree or disagree without persecuting each other.  It's about setting up processes for coming to some kind of resolution to problems when we know we can't agree.  If everyone has confidence in the process, if everyone has confidence that their views have been accorded "due process", then we can all accept the resolution.  Peace prevails.

How to disagree peaceably.  This is the greatest gift of humanity to itself.

Supporting the peace might sometimes involve being on the losing side.  Other times you just might get what you want.  Either way, it involves transcending the traditional way of resolving disagreements: one side imposes its will on others, often at the tip of a sword or from the muzzle of a gun, or -- worst of all -- with one side exploiting the weight of government to compel the rest of us to do what it demands.

This blog focuses on the latter: What happens when folks exploit government to impose conformity?  And how do folks resist?  Is resistance futile, or must we all conform?

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